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Planted the final garden of 2018 this morning at the Catawba County Foster Care Group Home. We had a great turnout with approximately 15 participants! Comment of the day: "When you are transplanting from one pot into another location this causes stress on the plant. How many of you understand what that's like?" Respondent: "Wow, this is kind of like therapy!" Moments like these are why HGH does the things we do, if only one person gets it...then we have done our job! Thanks goes out to Brad Gibson, Group Home Supervisor and        Kathy Tiffee for making today possible. But the memory will last a lifetime!


Thanks to the Solmaz Institute of Lenior Rhyne and Catawba County Group Home for

partnering to have nutrition and cooking classes for children in foster care.

We are excited to continue this partnership.

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