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April/May - Thanks to this great group of Hickory Christian Academy for helping HGH plant the garden at Safe Harbor. The young lady on the back row to the right is Marcus and Renee Miller's daughter - Savannah Carson Miller.

Young Gardeners


May 25th - Look at this beautiful bounty of love. Safe Harbor's raised vegetable garden. Thank you to Hickory Greenway Harvest for your hardwork and generosity.

June 15th - The harvest is beginning to come in at SH! - Posted by Safe Harbor


Huge thank you to Hickory Greenway Harvest. They put in raised beds at our apartments and this is the bounty that's being produced! Helping Safe Harbor feed the needy.  #communitysuperheroes Hickory Greenway Harvest share this with your fans!

Safe Harblor infographic (see below on our expanding ministries and facilities campaign. God has gone before us in this project and the support has been overwhelming. There are still opportunities for you to give and be a part of this

great work.

Can you find Marcus Miller?

May 16th - Marcus stopped by the Safe Harbor Apartments today to see my friend Charles and to install our Volunteer Recognition Sign at their garden. 

Thanks to all the Volunteers on the Sign!

May 17th - Here's a little before and after of the Safe Harbor Garden. Wow! This is a major transformation since May 4th when we planted. It won't be long and the ladies at Safe Harbor will be eating their own fresh veggies!

Safe Harblor infographic on our expanding ministries and facilities campaign. God has gone before us in this

project and the support has been overwhelming. There are still opportunities for you to give and be a part of this

great work.

Our mission is to provide a

Christ-centered community for rebuilding, renewing and recovery. 

Our New Day Programs serve women

in poverty through NOW

(New Opportunities for Women); Minnows, a child care drop-in program assisting women in poverty, and On Purpose, an array of classes for women of all walks of life. Greenleaf is a transitional program for women from our programs and referrals of other agencies.   Our Thrive Recovery Programs offers recovery services through our Whole Woman Residential program and evening co-ed groups.


April 18th Mission Day for Hickory Christian Academy! Thanks Sparta Team for helping Safe Harbor and Hickory Greenway Harvest! As part of this effort, you have provided hope, enjoyment and appreciation of God's work throughout the community!

January 2018 - HGH made additional progress on the Safe Harbor Rescue Mission Garden with the help of Troy Howard from First Methodist Church of Hickory, and Karl Byas’ Boy Scouts from Troop 234. We got a lot done in spite of the weather! Thanks to all who came and help bring this project closer to completion.

December 6, 2017 - HGH wants to give a big shout out to the Boy Scouts and members of First Church of Hickory for their generous support and construction of our garden beds for Safe Harbor Rescue Mission! This is a wonderful partnership and we are looking forward to working together on many other fronts. 2018 is promising a great harvest in the name of assisting those who need us the most. THANKS!

For more info about First Church of Hickory you can visit them at:

September, 2017 - HGH would like to give a huge shout out to the Mt. View Baptist Church Millennials Sunday School Class for their assistance in moving our project along at Safe Harbor Rescue Mission. They displayed a great team spirit and we truly appreciate their participation. This project promises to be an awesome opportunity to support community and wellness amongst the tenants of Safe Harbor Rescue Mission's (SHRM) long term program. Stayed tuned - we will be slowly adding beds over the next couple of months with planting

scheduled for the spring of 2018.

July 7, 2017 was Mathis Chapel Baptist Church/HGH Volunteer Day - Beginning work preparing the new beds for Safe Harbor Rescue Mission. Before and After shots - A huge thanks goes out to a wonderful group of volunteers from Mathis Chapel Baptist Church. They put in a good days work! Thank you Shannon Abernethy and Charles Durrett.

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