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Planting Day - June 15, 2019

Thanks for choosing to take the self-guided garden tour at the SALT Block.  Before you, are 11 raised garden beds constructed of ground contact pressure treated lumber. This helps ensure a long lifespan for the garden.   You will notice that they are built at different heights,   we did this to make access for the handicap easier.  We also made sure we provided enough space between the beds for wheelchairs. 

Inside each bed is a premium compost material from Daddy Pete's of Taylorsville, NC.  Daddy Pete’s Raised Bed Mix is a combination of Daddy Pete's composted cow manure, premium aged pine bark fines, sand, perlite, and gypsum  This mix makes for excellent drainage and water retention. This mix is excellent for vegetables, herbs, annuals, perennials, or for bulb planting. Raised beds and containers allow controlled drainage and moisture settings for all of

your plants.

This tour is setup to be interactive in the sense that it will require discussion and additional research by way of the many hyperlinks. 

We do this to nurture a fuller understanding without the need to explain in detail the many processes involved.  In this high tech world we live in we also believe that this can be a lesson on how to navigate the web to access information.  This tour is developed to appeal

to a wide range of visitors, from grade school children, to moms and dads, and to teachers while at the SALT Block or in the classroom.  There is a lot to learn here!

You will notice that there is a greenhouse accompanying the garden. This is an Aquaponics Facility that is managed by the Catawba County Science Center/The City Farm Project. For more information about this awesome project please go to:

Let's get started!

Below are a series of infographic pictures of each vegetable that corresponds to a vegetable sign in the garden.  Match these up,

click image and you're on your way to fun and knowledge - enjoy! 


Completed Harvesting Cabbage, Lettuce, Eggplant, 

Tomatoes, Beets and Radishes

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