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April 1, 2017 - HGH Ribbon Cutting Event

Today was HGH's Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - no that's not an April Fools! Is was a beautiful day and a great success. We dedicated the garden to my Superman - Fred D Abernethy - my father in law. Dad couldn't be there personally but was there thru long time boss and friend Bob Abernathy - not related, but related through time! Thank you Bob, for filling in for Dad, I know that you took this as a great honor and I am honored that you could be there for our family! Bob is the owner of Carolina Glove

where Dad has, and continues, to work for a combined 65 years. I love you Dad, sorry you couldn't make it but

you'll be seeing the garden and the dedication plaque soon enough.

Photography by Creativity Photography - (Sarah and David Bracho)

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