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Hickory Greenway Harvest 2018 Events​​​

• November 7 - Thanks to the girl scouts and mothers for helping HGH make our 4 x 4 snowmen. We will be selling them at the Conover Farmers Market. Bring your friends and family on November 17th - 10 am to 2 pm.

• October 14 - Enjoyed Samaritans Feet Event at Soup Kitchen. Thanks to all our Hickory Greenway Harvest Volunteers. Thanks for Service In Action letting us be part of this life changing event!

• Month of September and October - HGH will have handmade crafts at the Holiday Conover Farmers Market on Nov. 17th. 10 to 2. Come by our booth and taste our Sweet Pepper Jelly!

• Septermber 30 - The guys from GKN Sinter Metals put our new corner braces on the garden boxes today. Great job!!! — at SALT Block Foundation. Thanks Kathy Tiffee for taking the pictures for HGH.

• September 25 - Community Service Fair was a success for HGH at Lenior-Rhyne University in September 2018. Met so many LR students who talked to us for internship with HGH. Even Chris and Marcus were having some fun with each other during the event. Review all the pictures!

• Month of September - Come check out our HGH adoption month for September and October. We have Itsy Bitsy Kittens, Kittens, Cats, Glamkats and Special Pumpkins. Cost for our Fundraiser starts at $2.50 to $15.00. If you are interested, contact Renee Miller. Purpose of Fundraiser: Need to purchase Fall Plants, Mulch, Dirt, Fertilizer for Salt Block, Soup Kitchen and Safe Harbor. They were all made by Renee!

• August 26Kathy Tiffee, Savannah Miller and Renee' Abernethy-Miller had a great time with HGH Rock Painting Day at Conover Farmers Market yesterday. Lots of fun with the kids and adults. Check out all the beautiful rocks. We will be hiding them at the SALT Block HGH Gardens in Hickory.

February 4, 2018 - HGH had our Year-end Board Members Meal where we took the chance to fellowship with each other in a way that we hadn't been able to...we had some great conversations about our accomplishments of the past year. It was a wonderful meal and we want to thank the Management and Staff at Boca in Hickory for their hospitality. It wasn't all play though. We had a few awards that went out to recognize excellence within our group. Sarah Bracho was recognized for Outstanding Leadership and Joe Long received our MVV (Most Valuable Volunteer) Award. I want to say thank you to them and to all the individuals and organizations that have come out and participated in making HGH a success. 2018 is going to be a breakout year as a result of this teamwork! In addition, the Founder Marcus Miller and Co-Founder Renee' Miller made a donation of $5,000.00 in the memory of Renee's father Fred D Abernethy. This money will be set aside in a special account to be used solely for fundraising efforts that will ultimately support our mission moving forward. Marcus plans on seeking additional matching funds to bolster this account so that we can better partner with other organizations in fundraising in the community. We believe that there will be opportunities that will arise when our mission and the mission of others collide, and when they do we want to be able to assist. These funds will always be replenished as a result of our fundraising drive...this will provide the sustainability needed for HGH to continue the work we do. If you would like to support this effort with a donation or through volunteerism please contact us through facebook or through our website at:

Hickory Greenway Harvest 2017 Events​​​

Hickory Greenway Harvest Volunteer Appreciation/Annual Awards Ceremony - June 10, 2017

​​November 18, 2017 - HGH was at the Conover Farmers Holiday Market from 10 am to 2 pm at the Conover Post Office parking lot. 

  • September 23rd - Conover Farmers Market - Appleicious Day Thanks Volunteers!

  • August 19th - Conover Farmers Market - Sweet Potato Day Love Sweet Potatoes! 

  • July 22nd - Conover Farmers Market - Watermelon Day Check out the recipes on our website!

  • June 17th - Conover Farmers Market - Berrylicious Day Check out the recipes on our website!

  • May 20th - Conover Farmers Market - Self-Watering Herb Planters and SALT Block Garden Work Day.

  • May 19th - Service In Action and Hickory Greenway Harvest - Plant Day at Soup Kitchen in Hickory.

  • May 20th (9am to 2pm) - SALT Block and Farmer Maintenance Day - Lots of Educational Opportunities - Wear your HGH shirt!

  • Harvest and Planting Day at SALT Block and Farm - April 22, May 1 and May 5, 2017 - Provided vegetables to  the Cooperative Christian Ministry, The Hickory Soup Kitchen and Safe Harbor Rescue Mission/Women's Shelter. Thanks Volunteers!

  • HGH is partnering with Lenoir-Rhyne Solmaz Institute and Catawba County Social Services to provide classes on healthy cooking for teens in foster care. 

  • Ribbon Cutting at SALT Block - April 1, 2017 Awesome!

  • HGH Educational Garden at SALT Block open to the public - April 1, 2017 Congratulations to  HGH!

  • Planting Day at SALT Block - Come out and Help or Support us that day - March 25, 2017 Great Day!


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