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Please Help support our  veterans memorial garden

in 2020

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Thanks to all our volunteers!

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Read More about our Veterans Memorial Garden at

January thru May 2019 - This has been a wonderful adventure and blessing for our Veterans Memorial Garden. Please check out the pictures to see our progress. Interested in helping, please contact us under GET INVOLVED. 

Veterans Farm - Partnering with Raising Roots Farm

February 9, 2019 - Thanks to all who came out to help Build-A-Bed at our new HGH Veterans Memorial Garden. Thanks to Raising Roots Farm. What a wonderful family. We appreciate each and every one of you that worked hard today to achieve our dream. The support today was unbelievable! Marcus and Renee (Founder/Co-Founder) have been very blessed these last 4 years. Thanks to our Volunteers and Board Members that have been dedicated to continuing the Legacy of Fred D Abernethy. This is a new chapter for our organization. Our TEAM looks forward to the Grand Opening for our Veterans Memorial Garden.  As yet we can't disclose the location but we will be able to do so by late spring. It is our hope that eventually we will be able to conduct some agritourism on the site. 

SPECIAL THANKS - Thanks to our Partners - Farm Bureau of Catawba, Carolina Glove, GKN, Lowe's, SIA,

Rotary and SALT Block and Raising Roots Farm. 

From the Founder of Raising Roots Farm - We broke ground on something special we’re dedicating to our local community in partnership with Hickory Greenway Harvest. Can’t wait for spring!!

Thanks Brandon Berry and Family!


March 23, 2019 - Thanks to our volunteers from Transportation Insight, BirdDog, HGH Board, GKN and HGH volunteers from all ages. Special Thanks to Raising Roots Farm. Great fellowship today. Now it's time to plant at the HGH Veterans Memorial Garden.


April 13, 2019 - 20 wonderful volunteers came out (rain or shine) for the Veterans Memorial Garden. that Randy Abernathy helping with the potatoes. Thanks again to our volunteers. Thanks to all for your dedication. We planted cabbage, lettuce, turnips, beets, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, kale and much more. We had my DAD'S (FRED D ABERNETHY") International tractor today laying the rows. "We named the tractor the big D".

Come join us next time.


Michael Willard son Watson sitting on 'Big D'! It won't be long and this little guy will be driving this tractor through the fields...maybe we'll try dad

on for size first!

April 27, 2019 - On behalf of Hickory Greenway Harvest, we extend our appreciation for your time, inspiration, dedication and support during our celebration at the HGH Veterans Memorial Garden Event.

PLEASE SHARE the article written by Michael Willard for Hickory Greenway Harvest. A big thanks to Raising Roots Farm, Erica Long (Photographer), Morgan Long (Photographer), Michael Cansler (Music), St. Stephens High School NJROTC, Board Members, Volunteers, SIA (Transportation Insight), Farm Bureau, Carolina Glove, GKN, Lowe's, Rotary, SALT Block Foundation and the many other supporters. Thanks to Michael Willard, Gray Little, Mayor Hank Guess, Peter Rhyne, Brandon Berry and Marcus Miller for speaking at the event. Thanks to the family of Albert R. Abernathy Sr and giving us the opportunity to dedicate the Veterans Memorial Garden to Randy Abernathy's father. Thanks to all the Veterans that have served and are serving our country. Thanks to all the Veterans that came to the event. We had great food, music, wonderful weather and enjoyed the fellowship of each other. 

Thank You Dad (Fred D Abernethy - Veteran) for teaching Marcus, Renee and Savannah Miller how to farm!

To our HGH Volunteers and Board Members - Thank you so much for all your hard work and help. You are always willing to be there for us whenever we need you. We appreciate your time and effort today! Marcus and Renee Thank You from the bottom of their Hearts! God has truly blessed our organization with your service.

What a wonderful and emotional day. "We must value life and treasure each breath we take. We must value each person and how he or she touches our lives everyday." THANK YOU!

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